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  • What is HoliDrink or HoliPop?
    HoliDrink/HoliPop is the all natural healthy drink and ice-pop, they are made with 2 base ingredients, ie pure Canadian honey and fresh lime juice, hence the name Holi (portmanteau of honey and lime), coupled together with other healthy ingredients like blackberry, blueberry, chili, ginger and kelp (depending on the flavours of the HoliDrink/Holi-Pop. Besides, we believe in healing ourselves in a holistic way, hence the name HoliDrink. FYI, we cannot use "popsicle" to describe HoliPop, we can say it is an ice-pop, as "popsicle" is a registered trademark.
  • What are the ingredients in HoliDrink?
    HoliDrink is made from all fresh and natural ingredients well known in centuries throughout the world for their health properties (eg boost energy, raise immune system, enhance blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, soothe sore throat, soothe upset stomach, improve metabolism and digestion, etc). We do not use cane sugar (aka the refined white sugar) and no stevia added either. Nothing from concentrates/extract/powder/puree. No preservatives (no citric/ascorbic acid, aka synthetic Vitamin C). No additives. No "natural/artificial" flavors added. In short, no chemicals, just 5 natural ingredients you can pronounce and understand. * HoliEH Spicy Ginger, ingredients: real ginger, pure honey, fresh lime juice, filtered water and fresh chili. * HoliBlack Spicy Blackberry, ingredients: real blackberry, pure honey, fresh lime juice, filtered water and fresh chili. * HoliBlue Spicy Blueberry, ingredients: real blueberry, pure honey, fresh lime juice, filtered water and fresh chili. * HoliKelp Spicy Kelp, ingredients: real kelp, pure honey, fresh lime juice, filtered water and fresh chili. * Original, the refreshing honey lime non spicy, ingredients: pure honey, fresh lime juice, and filtered water. By the way, our HoliKelp is the only spicy kelp drink in the world. Kelp is rich in "natural" iodine, a key ingredient in promoting thyroid gland health, and thyroid gland is also vital to our body as it controls our hormone, metabolism, hair, skin, heartbeat, etc. Kelp is also very good in detoxing our body from heavy metals, toxicities, and radiation.
  • Where can I buy HoliDrink and HoliPop?
    HoliDrink in 300mL/10oz PET bottles are sold in most grocery stores in Metro Vancouver Area. HoliDrink Cafe located at 383 Raymur Ave Vancouver BC V6A 0H1, sells HoliDrink in 300mL/10oz PET bottles, and in 1L/32oz, half gallon and 1 gallon glass bottles. You can also buy HoliDrink online, we ship various pack sizes to all of Canada and the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) with 2 day shipping. Shipping charges apply. HoliPop is only available for sale from our HoliDrink Cafe located at 383 Raymur Ave Vancouver BC V6A 0H1
  • What are the flavours of HoliDrink and HoliPop?
    Original (refreshing honey-lime non-spicy) Holi EH (Extra Holi - spicy ginger) HoliBlack (spicy blackberry) HoliBlue (spicy blueberry) HoliKelp (spicy kelp)
  • What is so special about HoliDrink?
    HoliDrink is unique, can be served hot or cold, equally tasty and nutritious. It is made only with fresh and natural ingredients well known throughout the world for centuries for their health properties, with no cane sugar (aka refined white sugar) nor stevia, not from concentrates/extract/powder/puree, no preservatives, no ascorbic/citric acid (aka synthetic Vitamin C), no "natural" flavour, no additives, in short, no chemicals, no more than 5 natural ingredients you can pronounce and understand.
  • Where do you ship and how do you ship and how long would it take to ship?
    We ship to all of Canada and the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii) with 2 day shipping (in most cases, see below for more info). Shipping charges apply. We ship in frozen form (frozen 10oz/300mL PET bottles), put them in a plastic/insulated bag then into a box/envelop. By the time you receive them, they would have thawed. Please note that the inside of plastic bag may be wet due to condensation (not a leak from bottle but from thawing process), and one or more bottles may warp/dent after thawing, which is normal but is not a condition that qualifies for return/refund, as the drink in the warped/dented bottle is perfectly fine to drink. It may become effervescent with probiotic property due to minor fermentation. We may use Canada Post, Purolator, DHL, Fedex, UPS or USPS to ship, normal shipping time ranges from 2 to 7 business days depends on your delivery address. Due to covid-19, some shipments may experience delay due to social distancing on shipping co's staff and increase shipping volume on shipper. PLEASE REFRIGERATE the products immediately after receiving them.
  • Can I pick up my online orders from your Cafe or Factory?
    Sure you can order online and pick up from our Cafe at 383 Raymur Ave Vancouver BC V6A 0H1, then you pay zero shipping cost.
  • In what sizes HoliDrink and HoliPop are available?
    HoliDrink is available in 300mL/10oz bottles, 1L glass bottles, ½ gallon & 1 gallon glass jugs. Moreover, HoliDrink is also available in 4 pack, 12 pack and 24 pack of 300mL/10oz bottles in 4 pack of 1L/32oz glass bottles. HoliPop is available either individually in 75mL ice-pops (only being sold thru our cafe).
  • What is the sugar content of HoliDrink?
    Some people like to ask "has it got any sugar?" or "what is the sugar content of HoliDrink?" Perhaps it is more appropriate to ask: "has it got any bad sugar?" We need to make a distinction between good sugar and bad sugar, just like there are bad fat and good fat. HoliDrink doesn't have any of the bad sugar (ie cane sugar, caramel, corn syrup, etc), we only use pure honey, and the sugar content in 300mL/10oz bottle is around 20~25g (depends on flavour) or less than a quarter of your recommended daily sugar intake by Health Canada (in other words, you can drink 4 bottles of HoliDrink a day to reach your daily recommended amount of sugar). Don't forget, good sugar is nutrient to our body and brain. There are far more bad sugar in other foods and beverages (ie bread, granola bar, almond milk, kombucha, "fake" ginger beer, etc).
  • Is HoliDrink a kombucha or is it probiotic?
    HoliDrink is not kombucha, we don't ferment HoliDrink, hence it has no probiotic. A lot of consumers don't know what does "probiotic" mean? It means "live" bacteria that is supposed to help digestion, but you can get perfect digestion by eating fruit and vegetable. Then there are many consumers don't know how kombucha is made. To make kombucha, you feed the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria Yeast) with refined white sugar (also known as cane sugar), this is the fermentation process, after fermentation, part of the white sugar is converted to alcohol (still sugar, bad for diabetic people) and part of it is converted to acidic sugar, then you have the remaining unconverted sugar. Kombucha is essentially a sugary and alcoholic drink.
  • What is the shelf life of HoliDrink?
    You can enjoy your HoliDrink up to 6 months if refrigerated. If kept at room temperature, it may be good for up to 2 weeks. Please avoid direct sunlight and heat source.
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