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Our Story:

HoliDrink was developed by Benny Lee in Vancouver Canada in 2010. The reason Benny created his own healthy drink, was because he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (and he had so much negative side effects from taking diabetic drugs, eg diarrhea, bloated stomach, etc), cancer and osteoarthritis, and he then had 2 colorectal cancer operations. Consequently Benny did a lot of studies and realized that all his illnesses were caused by his diet and lifestyle, while medications and operations mostly just treat the symptoms but not the causes of the problems, at the same time also gave him many negative side effects.

So Benny was determined to find alternative and natural solutions to reverse his illnesses and improve his health, that he did lots of researches and made many experiments, and found that pure honey, lime, ginger, chilli, blackberry, blueberry and kelp, are such powerful natural ingredients/remedies, hence he invented HoliDrink's Original, Holi EH, HoliBlack, HoliBlue and HoliKelp using such well known healthy ingredients. 

From educating himself, Benny found that the main culprit of type 2 diabetes is not natural sugar (ie sugar from pure honey and fructose from fruit). Benny realizes that glucose in our blood is just a symptom of diabetes, but the real cause for type 2 diabetes is refined carbohydrate (processed food, such as bread, pasta, cane sugar, caramel, corn syrup, etc.) and animal fat that makes type 2 diabetes person's insulin resistant, meaning they have too much insulin or their insulin is not working, so if they inject themselves with insulin, this will not cure nor alleviate their diabetes. Meanwhile, type 1 diabetes is insulin deficient, meaning the person's body cannot produce enough insulin, therefore injecting insulin would help their diabetes.


So we should make a distinction between good sugar (that help regulate blood sugar, eg pure real honey and fructose from fruit) and bad sugar (eg cane sugar aka brown/white sugar or refined sugar, corn syrup, caramel, etc) . Our body metabolizes good sugar naturally and differently from bad sugar. Good sugar is nutrients that our body and brain need. Here is the link to Myth about sugar/carbs cause diabetes: Dr Michael Greger and Dr Neal Barnard are experts on how to reverse diabetes naturally, and concluded that type 2 diabetes is a dietary disease, not a chronic or progressive disease, hence reversible thru diets. Here is another link to "How to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally" by Dr Jason Fung who concludes that treating type 2 diabetes with insulin/drugs are wrong, and that sugar in our blood is just the symptom of diabetes and not the cause:​ Dr Fung basically promote intermittent fasting to reverse type 2 diabetes (meanwhile Benny doesn't do fasting, but eat plant based food to heal himself).

Benny also realized that majority of honey in the market are not pure but adulterated honey, while most foods and beverages in the market are laden with refined sugar (eg cane sugar/juice aka white sugar) and preservatives (eg citric acid or ascorbic acid aka synthetic Vitamin C derived from GMO corn) where a lot of folks are being fooled by these misleading semantics, thinking they are healthy, natural/organic. Then he also found that most drinks are made from concentrates/purees (which has much higher sugar content), from extract/powder, have corn syrup, caramel, artificial sweetener, stevia extract/powder (meaning refined/processed), flavour and colour added, additives and lots of chemicals, which are all known to have caused diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc. 

Then there are a lot of misconceptions about sugar, calorie, carbohydrate and kombucha (or fermented drink/food, including kefir water and apple cider vinegar), that some people think kombucha is a healthy drink (Canadian Health Authorities together with BCIT and UBC found kombucha is a health concern, click this link for more info), are misled to believe that kombucha has almost zero sugar content, and that many people are so misguided thinking all carbohydrate and sugar are bad including sugar from real honey and fructose from fruit. To the contrary, consuming real pure honey and fresh fruit and stop drinking kombucha daily, helped Benny reversed his diabetes. This link would provide you more info re misconceptions about sugar and kombucha

Benny also believes that his past indulgence in drinking kombucha, beer, whisky, diet coke, vanilla latte, eating sausage, bacon, burger, ham, boxed cereal, bread, butter, jam, pasta, beef steak, dairy products, etc. all contributed to his diabetic, arthritis and cancerous past, so he overhauled his diet and lifestyle, as he believes in "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", and now has become mostly vegetarian and eat plant based diet which is a low fat high carb diet (PS: Benny doesn't do ketogenic diet because it promotes high fat, low carb diet, which are very bad for diabetic persons), while drinking HoliDrink daily, this is how he healed himself.

This book confirms what Benny learned about refined carbohydrate and meat and dairy products that they contributed to his diabetic and cancerous past and that plant based diet is the solution to regain his health

This video confirms what Benny learned about "sodium nitrite" in bacon/ham/sausage and his colorectal cancer past.

Benefits Benny has been gaining from drinking HoliDrink daily, are:

Boosted immune system (that he doesn't even have sore throat, nor get a flu/cold/cough), enhanced memory, concentration and alertness, improved blood circulation, no longer has allergy (eg hay fever), slim body, radiant skin, excellent digestion, no gastrointestinal disorder, sleep well, is no longer diabetic, free from colorectal cancer, no urinary tract infection, arthritis-free, etc. Basically a lot of conditions diagnosed by Benny's doctor are gone.
Benny is in his 50s, fitter, healthier and looks younger than most people of his age. Now he wants other people to benefit from HoliDrink too, hence he is sharing his HoliDrink with the world. Benny strongly believes that, drinking and eating healthily, coupled with regular physical exercises and positive mentality, will lead to optimal health, for your body, mind and spirit.​

So what did Benny's doctor say? Benny's doctor initially was skeptical, but after years of monitoring Benny's health, he said "Benny, congratulations! You have healed yourself thru diets and exercises without taking medications. Keep on doing what you have been doing, they are working!"​ BTW, Benny hardly has time to do exercises (due to long hours working 7 days running 3 businesses), the key to Benny's good health and slim body is eating plant based food (as doing physical exercises while having bad diet would not lead to good health). Besides, Benny's blood pressure is perfect and Benny's doctor also sent Benny to see Eye Specialist and Colorectal Specialist, who also found Benny in great health/shape and asked Benny to see them again in 10 years time for routine checkups.

DISLCAIMER: The above information is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of conditions that should be prescribed and managed by a medical doctor. Moreover, what works for person A, may not necessarily work for person B.

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