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Choose Your Flavour 12 Pack

Choose Your Flavour 12 Pack


12 bottles x 300mL (10 Oz) HoliDrink. Choose your own combination of the five flavours:

  • HoliDrink Original - Refreshing Lime
  • Holi EH (Extra Holi) - Spicy Ginger
  • HoliBlack - Spicy Blackberry
  • HoliBlue - Spicy Blueberry
  • HoliKelp - Spicy Kelp

For examples, you can order all 12 bottles of HoliBlack, or 3 each of Original, HoliEH, HoliBlack and HoliBlue.

Please ensure that your selection of flavours add to 12, else your order may be incorrect.

Order online, either pick up from our cafe retail store in Vancouver Canada or we ship to you (shipping charges apply).

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