HoliDrink is a natural healthy drink and ice-pop manufacturer.

Our cafe/factory is at 383 Raymur Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6A 0H1, Canada

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Artwork Credit: "Flying Eagle" by Stephen Dittberner

HoliDrink, your daily healthy drink.

100% natural, you can drink it hot or cold.

  • Made with Pure Canadian Honey

  • No Cane Sugar (aka the refined white sugar)

  • No Flavour Added

  • No Additives

  • No Preservatives

  • Not from Concentrates/Powder/Puree/Extract

HoliDrink/HoliPop's Flavours:

  • Original (refreshing honey-lime non-spicy)

  • Holi EH (Extra Holi - spicy ginger)

  • HoliBlack (spicy blackberry)

  • HoliBlue (spicy blueberry)

  • HoliKelp (spicy kelp)

HoliDrink is available in 300mL/10oz bottles,

1L glass bottles, ½ gallon & 1 gallon glass jugs.